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If you are a B2B digital commerce company, you know winning the hearts and minds of modern enterprise buyers isn't always easy. It's a digital-first world where B2B buying journey has evolved and the landscape is as competitive as ever. So how do you position yourself effectively, outperform your competitors, acquire and retain customers?

Hi, I am Ruchira Agrawal

I am a sales and marketing consultant helping innovative eCommerce technology companies grow better. 

Today's modern B2B buyers are empowered and sophisticated with changed buying preferences and behaviors. They want a personalized, simplified and differentiated purchase experience. Are you marketing and selling the way they want to buy? Backed by 25 years of sales, marketing and business experience, I help thriving Startups, SMBs and Enterprise organizations adopt a buyer-first mindset while developing their sales and marketing strategies, go-to-market, competitive analysis and messaging. 

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