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What is an account-based marketing platform? {List}

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Account-based marketing platform

An account based marketing or ABM platform is technology that b2b brands can use to create, run and manage account-based marketing programs. From discovering hidden buyer behavior to selection of high-value, high propensity accounts to planning campaigns, customer engagement and analytics, ABM platform is highly effective in uplevelling sales and marketing efficiencies and managing resources at hand. With AI-powered account intelligence, brands are able to take a personalized approach with prospects and customers while using insights - driven marketing with sales to increase brand awareness, develop relationships and boost revenue.

97% of B2B marketers say they have achieved a higher ROI (return on investment) by using an ABM platform. While sales teams have been able to spot opportunities faster, shorten sales cycle, increase deal sizes and achieve a higher pipeline goal hit rate quarter after quarter. As delivering superior digital experience while maintaining brand consistency remains critical to any organization’s success today, more b2b marketers will be adopting ABM in 2022 and beyond.

There are many platform solutions available on the market today. While considering them and determining which technology is best for you, there are various factors to keep in mind such as - functionality, ease of use, performance, scalability, support and cost.

Let’s briefly look at some core capabilities before we proceed to the list of various ABM platforms-

Account targeting and management - Traditionally b2b marketers are used to casting a wider net in terms of personas. They use lead generation techniques such as inbound, webinar, pay-per-click to attract, engage, nurture and convert customers. With ABM, you are targeted. Instead of looking at a board base, you are targeting only a small number of accounts that can add big revenue value to your business. You create an ICP (ideal customer profile) based on various criteria, identify key stakeholders within the buying committee of selected accounts and then work on expanding your relationships with them so you can secure a buy-in and an eventual purchase order.

Functionality to look for here are -

  1. Does the solution sync with your existing CRM such as Salesforce and other marketing automation that you currently use?

  2. Does it help you identify high-value target accounts based on firmographic and intent data ? Does it suggest new ones based on your evaluation criteria that you may not have considered as potential?

  3. Does it have customer segmentation capabilities?

  4. Does it keep the data clean, vetted and allows for real time updates to the CRM?

Relevant and Personalized engagement - B2B buying has changed over the past few years. It’s complex and not linear. Typically there are six to ten decision makers on the buying committees who do their own research when considering a purchase. They are from different teams and variety of roles and therefore have unique needs, expectations and ask from your product. In order to move them along their buyer’s journey, you need to engage with them using personalized messages that speaks to their individual challenges and concerns. Creating relevant experiences via display and social ads, web personalization, email, retargeting and content curation is essential to the success of your ABM strategy.

Capabilities such as being able to select creative assets, forecast audiences, account scoring, orchestrate cross-channel campaigns so target buyers can be reached across all devices, anytime, anywhere are few things to keep in mind.

KPIs and Measurement - Without measurement there is no way of knowing how effective your initiatives were. You want to be able to set budgets, measure your content and ad performance, track engagement levels within selected accounts, get real-time alerts on marketing events such as download of a product guide or competitive comparison and get actionable insights that both your sales and marketing teams can act upon.

List of Account-based marketing platforms

Developing a GTM strategy? Want to know who is in the market currently looking for a solution like yours or what your prospects want? Wish to deliver best in class digital customer experiences and predict steady revenue growth, following abm platforms can help -

  1. Demandbase One by Demandbase - Provides an end-to-end solution for mid market and enterprise customers in industry verticals such as technology, financial services, manufacturing and business services

  2. Account Engagement by 6sense - Caters to SMBs and enterprise level technology clients. Provides them a robust platform to launch and run abm programs

  3. Triblio - Acquired by IDG communications, caters to large organizations across North America, Asia/pacific, Latin America and Europe

  4. Terminus Engagement Hub by Terminus - Caters to mid-size and large enterprises in technology and business services verticals

  5. Account based Platform by Rollworks - Provides account-based marketing technology solutions to SMBs and large organizations in technology, business services and manufacturing verticals

  6. Demand Acceleration Platform by Integrate - Helps brands create connected digital experiences and reach buyers where and when they are ready.

  7. Jabmo - As the only vendor to offer email support, Jabmo caters to large enterprises in manufacturing and life sciences verticals

  8. ML Platform by Madison Logic - Provides abm capabilities to large enterprise in technology vertical

Gone are the days of hunch-based marketing and team silos, brands have to put their buyers at the center of their sales and marketing efforts. ABM platforms can help.


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