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Becoming industry front runner


Turning B2B technology businesses into industry front runners


Hi, I am Ruchira Agrawal

I am a Sales and Marketing consultant helping customer-centric Ecommerce technology companies scale and grow better. Using modern B2B sales, marketing and business strategies, I help Startups, SMB's and Enterprise organizations differentiate themselves, add value to their customers and increase their market share.

Life is a journey not a race 

​I started my career in B2B sales and marketing working for Hotels in New Delhi, India. In 1999, I moved to San Francisco, California,  which is when I entered the Technology field. Spent a brief time in technology recruiting, followed by a move to business development, where I was responsible for increasing revenue from B2B technology clients. From there I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. This was also a time when another international relocation was in the cards; this time to Vancouver, Canada. After my move, I started an executive coaching practice which became profitable within the first 9 months of business using inbound marketing, cross marketing promotions, referrals and sales outreach. I was a trusted advisor to professionals from various industries helping them uncover their personal and career story, their blind spots and navigate through personal development issues such as - letting go, trusting others instead of being the hero, setting expectations and boundaries, communicate authentically - aspects important in developing a team. Then my career roots came calling. I was approached for a marketing consulting assignment at an eCommerce technology company. And rest as they say is history.

Through my work experience I have learnt not only how to grow a business but also lead with empathy. Most importantly how to live, work and communicate authentically, congruent to one's core values, purpose and a deeper why. I share my thoughts on sales, marketing, leadership and eCommerce, on my blog . Often what I write about are topics I am asked about or learn.

I have a Master’s in Business Administration, and a certification in Digital Marketing. When I am not working, I volunteer my time at non-profits, practice my newly developed interest in photography, spend time in nature hiking and consuming content on business and psychology. Being curious, growing myself through constant learning and taking risks are qualities have served me well throughout my life.

I look forward to working with you!

Let's talk about your business !

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