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Our Why

Your business has its own unique set of beliefs, needs and objectives; and therefore it is imperative to find the right marketing consultant that can add value to your firm.

My mission is to help companies be customer-centric, sell and market their products and services more effectively ! 

Our Why - We believe commerce should not just be about buying and selling, it should be about creating superior end to end experiences: so technology companies can deliver exceptional products and brands can better market and sell their offerings to consumers.


Looking for more than just a digital marketer? Someone who not only truly understands but has a holistic view of business, sales and marketing ? I bring over two decades of relevant background and a successful track record of growing businesses. I have also run my own business which gives me an added advantage.

I have also partnered with industry professionals - web designers, brand developers etc. should the need be for more.


​Excellence - Your success is critical to me as much as it is to you. Using thorough research and planning, effective sales and marketing strategies, I help my clients find solutions that helps them grow.


Clarity - Sales and Marketing is ever evolving and sometimes it can appear confusing. Finding the best answers for your Ecommerce technology solution business isn't always easy. I help simplify complexities for your business.

Reliability - Time is of the essence in this fast paced business world. I strive to provide you with timely deliverables.


Creative approach - Every business is unique, even when their product offerings are similar. Which means there is no one size fit all strategy. Taking a data-driven, yet creative approach, I help B2B Ecommerce businesses find customer-centric and innovative solutions that meets their business objectives.


At Right Audience Marketing, I am committed to finding the right solution for your challenges. I don't claim to know all the answers but rest assured I am focused on providing the best solve for your business's growth and well-being.


Located in US? Technology has made it easy to connect and collaborate. I work virtually with clients, via Phone, Zoom or Skype. In-person visits can be made to your office depending upon the need.

Grow your business.
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