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Sales Enablement Content for Ecommerce tech company

Sales Enablement Content

Arm your sales team. Educate your customers. Improve sales outcomes

What is sales enablement content?

Sales enablement content is critical content that your sales and marketing team uses to educate your buyers on your company, it's product and services. It involves key information, offline and online experiences that you can use to build your brand's narrative, engage and build meaningful relationships with your target enterprise level customers. From videos explaining the benefits of your e-commerce platform offering, to blog posts showcasing your subject matter expertise to customer case studies reflecting the impact your product made to your customer's digital transformation goals, various kinds of sales enablement content can help both your high-quality prospects and customers as well as your sales team in their respective goals.

Sales enablement content

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What kind of sales enablement content do you need for your Ecommerce technology business ?

A foundational component of driving sales and increasing revenue is arming your teams with the right sales enablement content. Your sales reps and marketing team members can use these at different stages of a B2B buyer's journey. While there are various kinds of both print and online content you can use, here are some to help you get started - 


Video is a powerful marketing tool that you should include in your digital marketing strategy. It enables you to share your brand story, grow brand awareness and engage with your prospects and customers throughout your sales cycle. There are various kinds of videos that you can make that can assist buyer's in their decision making - from short videos that can easily be shared across social media platforms to long videos for product demos or customer success stories. Relatable and informative videos generate leads, increase conversion rate and lend credibility.


Blog is an effective way to help your customers no matter where they are in their journey. Posts help them become aware of challenges they are already facing, provide education and identify possible solutions . It gives you an opportunity to build thought leadership.


Your prospective customers like to read how your product and services have helped other customers. It helps answer some of their own questions, provides information about real life relatable examples, showcases your success and ultimately builds confidence in your customer’s eyes. ​Do your case studies have all the right components, in terms of showcasing your customer’s pain points before they found your product, what and how finding and implementing your product resolved their challenges and benefitted their business? 



Vendor selection is a complex process. Providing your customers with a buyer’s guide will help them learn about your e-commerce technology solution - architecture, integrations, hosting, features etc.


Your job is to help your customers decide whether your platform and cloud based services are right for them. A competitor comparison will help your buyer do that. They can compare in terms of capabilities, features, price, ease, security etc.


Finally your client is ready for a meeting, and you are about to make a presentation. A sales deck is what your team will need. A deck is a slide presentation that you or your team will use to support your pitch and product demo. It will help explain in a slide form key points about your company, its background, your digital commerce capabilities and why your product may be a right fit for your buyer. 



Make an effective sales pitch by being prepared to handle any kind of objection or question that your client may throw your way. Different kind of battle cards such as Product, Competition, Question, Comprehensive, will help you and your sales team be prepared on key information about your industry, events, competitors offerings, value proposition, promotions and so on.


Gated content such as eBooks containing useful statistics and educational information speaking directly to the needs of prospects can be used to move prospects down the marketing funnel. They can also be referenced and used by sales as they deliver customer presentation.


When your right target audience is ready in their buyer’s journey, they may be ready for your sales product demo. A demo is a visual presentation of not only your product’s features and capabilities but also an opportunity for you to show how it can meet the buyer’s goals and objectives and help their organization succeed. 


Clearly written and presented marketing communication material is critical, be it for internal or external use - reports, presentations, pitch decks etc. 

We will together review your existing sales enablement and marketing communications content to see what you already have, what you may be missing and what you can do to maximize its effectiveness.

Ready to connect and talk more? 

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