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Sales and Marketing Plan

Savvy B2B tech companies know the value of good planning. Next to having a sound business plan, a sales and marketing plan is key to laying a solid foundation for meeting business goals and objectives as well as ensuring company's success. Your sales and marketing plan will allow you to connect, engage, convert and retain your right target audience. Backed with market research and data, it will contain strategies, time - tested tactics and the right messaging that appeals to your customers, persuades them to buy and maximizes your sales.


  • Sales and Marketing Plan

Revenue Increase with sales and marketing planning
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Go To Market Plan

Go To Market

You've developed a product, now you are ready to launch it. You are going to need a roadmap to ensure that your product or service gets to the market efficiently. You will need a thorough understanding of your target customers, their pain points, value you bring to them, competitive advantage, pricing, promotion and distribution strategy. Also your internal teams - sales, marketing and product need to be aligned to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals. 

  • Go-To-Market Plan

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Digital Marketing 

Gone are the days when sales reps were the main channel for your prospective buyers to learn about your products and services. Today both B2B/B2C customers rely heavily on online research to find solutions to their current challenges, evaluate potential suppliers and make purchase decisions. Is your B2B brand visible online ? Are you getting the right kind of traffic? Are you generating enough leads and converting prospects into customers? Having a high converting website, being found online, reaching your right audience, building your thought leadership to demonstrate your expertise is essential to securing and delighting your customers.

  • Content Marketing Plan

  • Email Marketing Plan

  • Website Review and Recommendations

  • Social Media Plan

Digital Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce technology company
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Core values, Mission, Vision, Messaging

Branding Elements

You've spent a lot of time and resources on building amazing technology platform. You are ready to put your company and product in front of your customers, is your brand ready for it? Do you have brand consistency across all of your customer touch points? Not just your tangible branding elements such as your logo, colors and tagline but are your critical intangible brand elements such as your vision, mission, positioning etc. in place?

  • Vision Statement

  • Mission Statement

  • Core Values

  • Value Proposition Statement

  • Positioning Statement

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Competitive Analysis

Today competition is tough and in order to position yourself strong in the market, you need to know who your competitors are, what their offerings are and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This will help you identify opportunities and threats and improve upon your business strategy. By gathering competitive intelligence, you can craft messaging that appeals to your buyer persona, field objections, address customer's pain points, and make critical decisions regarding product, pricing, promotion and distribution.

  • Competitive Analysis Report

Competitive Analysis for ecommerce technology company
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Sales contract - sales enablement content

Sales Enablement Content

Enabling your sales team with the right content at the right time in the right format is key to closing more deals. Relevant content that provides high value to your customers, addresses their needs and challenges and helps them move through various buying stages is important to earning their trust and business. Is your current content educating various stakeholders on your buyer's team? Is it addressing all of their concerns and questions ? Is your sales team showcasing your technology capabilities well ? Is your marketing communication material clear and concise ? Review and suggestions for effectiveness made on - 

  • Videos

  • Blog 

  • Case studies

  • Buyer's guide

  • Competition comparison

  • Sales deck

  • Sales battle cards

  • eBooks

  • Product demo

  • Marketing communication material

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