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Ecommerce tech company sales and marketing plan

Sales and Marketing Plan

Gain market share. Increase revenue. Achieve a better ROI

What is a sales and marketing plan?

A sales and marketing plan is all about identifying your target audience for your products and services, understanding their needs, behaviors and goals and coming up with right strategies and time - tested tactics to reach, educate and delight them with the goal of turning them into highly-profitable customers. A critical component of your overall business plan, a well researched and executed sales and marketing plan will determine how you will generate profits, grow your business and increase your market share.

Sales and Marketing Plan

What will a sales and marketing plan for your  eCommerce technology business contain?

Your business offering is a API-first, Headless Commerce Microservices platform that enables enterprises to create seamless, omni-channel, digital shopping experiences across all consumer touch points. It's modular architecture lets brands customize new services for its customers and scale globally. It’s easily deployable and has modern commerce capabilities such as - creative pricing and promotions, payments, checkout, shopping cart, inventory and catalogue management, AI based personalization and recommendations. 

How do you plan on reaching, acquiring and retaining your target customers? A sales and marketing plan can help.

Your sales and marketing plan will include some of the following components - 

  • Executive Summary

  • Organization, sales and marketing goals, targets and objectives

  • Vision, Mission and Core Value statements

  • Identifying your challenges

  • Identifying your current competitors and a competitive analysis

  • Developing value propositions and positioning statement

  • Current market size, share and mix

  • Identifying your target market

  • Developing sales, promotion - omni-channel, pricing and distribution strategies

  • Establishing KPIs and measurement

  • Budgeting and forecasting

By planning well, you will be able to take advantage of the opportunities your market space has to offer, gain competitive advantage by differentiating your offering from others, reach your B2B buyers in an efficient manner and ultimately achieve your sales and marketing goals within the timeframe and resources you have.

Should you already have a sales and marketing plan in place and find that its not working, we can review and analyze to see what the problem maybe. 


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