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Brand Elements for Ecommerce tech company

Brand Elements

Discover your Why. Earn consumer trust. Differentiate your brand

What are Brand Elements?

A brand is made up of various elements, both tangible and intangible. A company logo and tagline are some of the examples of tangible elements. While brand values, brand voice and brand positioning are some of the intangible elements. Uniformity across all these elements will lay a solid foundation for your eCommerce sales and marketing initiatives. It will help you with your messaging and make your company stand out in a crowded marketplace, while delivering the confidence your B2B buyers need to do business with you.

Positioning statement

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How will having brand elements in place help your eCommerce startup?


Ever face situations where - 


  • Your sales reps show confusion while conversing with your clients over what exactly your business does and how it solves your customer’s problems? 


  • You notice a gap in what you say as the founder of an eCommerce startup and what your team says to your prospects about the benefits of product and services? 


These kinds of situations unfortunately are all too common with startups.


Often technology startups invest a lot of time and resources in building their digital commerce platform and cloud solutions but not enough time on creating their company’s branding. They somehow seem to think that it's not that important for B2B sales. They think that enterprise level customers are only interested in innovative technology, price and capabilities of their offering. While that’s understandable, it isn’t the whole story. Every buyer needs some level of assurance in the product they plan on purchasing and for a business buyer where millions of dollars are involved, having the security that they're picking the right vendor is even more critical. 

In a fiercely competitive marketplace having just a name and a logo isn’t going to be enough. What you need is to become identifiable in the eyes of your customers. Having clearly defined brand elements will help you and your organization know who you are, who you are not, why you exist (your purpose), what you do, who you serve, what your future goals and aspirations are and how you plan on accomplishing them. It will also help clarify what value you deliver to your customers.

Your company can eliminate confusion and speak in a unified manner about its business, product and services. Consistency, in communication will instil trust, ultimately driving up your B2B sales.


I can help you craft the following elements - 



It is a short, clear, simple statement that communicates why you exist today, who you serve, how you’re going to do it. 


Succinctly written statement about communicating your overarching goals, your future, where you’d like your company to be in the future.


Core Values are your foundational principles that will guide your company culture. Defining these is important both for your internal as well as external customers to show what you truly believe in and value. 


Defining your value proposition is key to driving sales. Why should your target customer do business with you? Why should they pick you as a technology vendor over your competitor? Clearly identifying and knowing various benefits of your e-commerce offering is vital for your sales and marketing planning.


Your positioning statement is necessary to create a clear overarching vision of your brand, products and services. It is an internal tool that serves as a guide post to all your sales and marketing efforts. It takes into account your target market, brand promise, competitive advantage and why a customer should believe your differentiation claims. 

Ready to ensure your startup has the right solid foundational pieces for your business to grow? 

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