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Digital Marketing Plan for Ecommerce tech company

Digital Marketing

Increase brand awareness. Win trust. Convert more customers

What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is an important piece of marketing that allows you to cost-effectively connect with your customers over the internet across all devices - mobile, desktop, tablet. You can reach and engage with your prospects and current customers using digital channels such as websites, social media, search engines and emails. You can measure your performance regularly and make adjustments for better marketing results and ROI accordingly.

Digital Marketing Plan

What digital marketing tactics will  help your e-commerce technology company?

Your target customers are enterprise level organizations. They are online searching for vendors, products and services that can help them solve their e-commerce technology problems. 


  • Where and how do you connect with them? 

  • How do you ensure that your company is found online?

  • How do you tell them about your offerings?

  • How do you showcase your technology expertise?

  • How do you generate leads for your sales team?

  • How do you convert these leads into customers?

  • How do you continue to delight them post sales?


This is where digital marketing can help you. 


While there are many other tactics such as - SEO, Paid ads etc. I will help develop data-driven strategies for the following -




A mobile responsive, clean designed, SEO optimized , highly convertible website will be your online company location. It's where you get to showcase your brand and its offerings. A website will give you a chance to become the industry resource that informs and educates your clients. It’s also the place where you can share why and how you solve your customer’s pain points better than you customers. Your website will not only be your lead generating machine but also allow you to convert visitors. Is your website doing its job? Does it have all the necessary information your customer's look for as they navigate through your website?




Your content marketing plan will allow you to generate and distribute relevant, valuable content that your B2B customers find useful. Your content, be it in the form of blog posts, videos, interviews, case studies, research reports etc. will help guide your prospects and current customers through various stages of their buying journey. It will help simplify their purchase decision and help you stand out as a trusted technology supplier.




Your social media plan will help you to reach and engage with your prospects, current and returning customers. It will help you create brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. Targeting the right social media channels for your e-commerce business and consistently posting interesting and relevant content - videos, posts, product release news, upcoming webinars, customer success stories etc. will help increase your website traffic, generate leads and build conversions. Conversational tools such as messenger can be used to build one-on-one B2B relationships.



So you have a long list of clients and prospects in your email list who are eager to hear about your product offerings, social commerce and digital transformation trends, infographics etc. Nurturing them with personalized, relevant emails is a cost-effective and efficient way to build relationships, keep them engaged through longer buying cycles and ultimately growing your business. 


Together we will build from scratch or review your existing plans so you can market and sell better.

Have questions? Ready to connect?

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