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6 best Ecommerce related publications and podcasts in 2022 {links included}

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Podcasts and publication source for ecommerce tech business

Keeping abreast of the latest ecommerce, technology and marketing trends is critical to your ecommerce tech business success. Whether you are a startup founder or a sales and marketing professional in the e-commerce technology industry, knowing the latest digital commerce shifts, omni-channel, social commerce and e-commerce technology trends will help you expand your knowledge and make strategic decisions.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to online content consumption ( which doubled in 2020 ), but you haven’t got all day to listen or read everything that’s out there, so I put together a brief list of industry publications and podcasts that I regularly refer to for my business and research needs.


Retail Dive - Looking for industry and technology trends, retail news and marketing insights? Retail Dive provides insights into DTC, payment technology, brick and mortar, retail technology, omnichannel and more. Access their podcasts, blog and library for expert opinions and research.

National Retail Federation - Based out of Washington DC, NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association. It provides valuable insight into the retail and ecommerce industry at large. You can participate in virtual events, access research reports and subscribe to their blog for free for retail news and in-depth articles.

Digital Commerce 360 - Another great resource for retail intelligence is Digital Commerce 360. For over 20 years they have been providing B2B ecommerce insights and competitive data via in-depth articles, webinars, analysis reports, newsletter and much more.

Forbes Retail - Forbes retail provides ecommerce articles and trusted brands such as Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Econsultancy - Headquartered in London, UK, Econsultancy is a great resource for everything digital, marketing and ecommerce. You can learn about digital marketing best practices, digital commerce shifts and trends, digital transformation and much more.

Modern Retail - Based in New York, Modern Retail was launched in 2019 by Digiday Media. This media brand reports on the ins and outs of reinvention of the retail industry. They cover startups, platforms and the changes affecting the retailers.


Some of the publication resources above also have podcasts that you may find useful and interesting.

Modern Retail Podcast - Listen to leading CPG, DTC brands and startup entrepreneurs talk about business, marketing and technology strategies on Modern Retail Podcast - Modern Talk

National Retail Federation’s Retail Gets Real - Get ecommerce, business, and marketing insights from small business owners to large businesses. Some of the topics covered are - Diversity and inclusion, Consumer Trends, Retail Technology etc.

Hubspot’s The Growth Show - If you are in marketing, you are probably familiar with marketing automation company Hubspot. If you love a good turnaround story, you will enjoy listening to business owners and guests discuss engaging and inspiring stories and business strategies.

Ecommerce Braintrust - Interested in listening to industry trends and innovation? Listen to guests speak on topics such as - how to succeed in ecommerce, how to scale and stay competitive etc.

eCommerce Minute - Want a daily dose of digital commerce news and insight? Get comprehensive knowledge and information on topics related to ecommerce, tech and retail.

Retail Geek - Listen to topics related to online retailing, omnichannel, consumer behavior, online shopping behavior and much more.

Excelling with technology and exceeding customer demands requires staying on top of cutting edge trends, intelligence and trends. And these publications are sure to help you do that.

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